I have heard Denise Martin speak on several occasions during live seminars. I always left feeling that I learned so much because there were so many good points made, but then I, like most people, forgot most of what I heard, soon thereafter and never retained much long-term knowledge (or behavior change) after the workshop ended. That’s why, when I learned about the extended training, I jumped on the chance to incorporate the knowledge into regular habits with the follow-up coaching that happens over several months. With this program, you have a chance to practice what you learn, in step-by-step modules that are reinforced in weekly Q&A sessions. Sometimes application of technique doesn’t happen by the book – the coaching sessions allow for questions on handling real life experiences with the techniques. Because of this program I have witnessed real positive success in how I communicate with tenants.– Joanne Doherty, Rental Property Manager
You have given me better insight into the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, better accuracy in assessing people, and enhanced communication skills… I now can recognize how to develop more solid relationships based on client needs.Your direct approach is exactly what is needed. Your style of incorporating industry specific situations helps to turn roadblocks into solutions. The tools, skills and ability to analyze that you have make me wish I could have you in my pocket to coach me on what to say when I am with my next client!

– Al Sargent, Financial Advisor

As someone with 10 years of HR and 12 years of management experience, I was skeptical that I would learn anything new about human dynamics from your program. I was willing to try it because I have just launched an independent consulting business and recognize that I really don’t know much about selling. I am so glad that I decided to do it! Just your tips for determining someone’s processing and decision-making style alone were worth the price of admission. Everyone in any sales capacity should think seriously about taking this course! – SW McClain
The program was interactive in engaging me, and it was fun, showing me that learning could happen very quickly. Your stories applied the concepts to real life. If you think you know all about the topic of communication, you’re going to learn even more.– Susan deGrandpre, President, Collaboration Consulting
You will want to take notes when Denise talks. I am an MD trained in sales and personality analysis and I learned at least 6 things I didn’t know. Each will make a difference in how to close sales with prospects. Very impressive!– Dike Drummond MD http://www.threehourmidlifecrisis.com
I was surprised how much Denise Martin’s Master Communication Method is choc full of strategies everyone can use. She knows a ton about how to read people, and now I know how to put specific strategies in action to help me customize my communication for any client’s personality. I’ve heard of some of this stuff before, but Denise really knows how to make it work in real life.– M. White
I took the course, Master Communication Method. For me, the take-home messages rang loud and clear: selling is a step-by-step, scientifically definable process. Whereas collective wisdom argues that “you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs…”, Denise demonstrates that communicating well is a skill that needs deliberate refinement. That’s really empowering. I’m not a back-slapping, jovial, extrovert-y person by nature. But I know I can follow routines, sequences, and understand patterns to achieve what I want. Having known Denise and her talents for almost a decade, I know that with her one-on-one support and seminars, if I could, then anyone could truly ‘master’ the art of communicating well. I urge anyone who wants to improve their communication skills to consider enrolling in her program. It’s an amazing learning experience!– R. Lerman, Financial Services Professional, New York
I initially thought this program was going to be basic stuff that everyone knows, or should know, about communicating well – instead I found out that it’s much, much more, going into great depth on content that is little known – for example, the “Appearance” module covers not only what to wear, but the fabric choice, the color choice, the styling. And not only dress, but where to stand in relation to the client (with gender differences), not only ‘how’ to shake hands but how to read the other person’s handshake, what accessories to wear, how to read body language, eye contact, facial expressions – in short, the extra 30% of knowledge to take you to the next level.– Jay Casavant, President, Vantage Point Recruiting