Communicating Well With Others is (not) Hard!
(When You Have the Right Tools)

Are you unhappy with your interaction with (some) others in your life?
Would your life be enhanced with better communication with friends, co-workers?
Are you feeling tension or conflict at work or at home and just don’t know how to change things?
Do you want to make a change in how you deal with others, to increase your overall happiness?


Simply the Best System for Great Communication

(*primarily for native English speakers, due to language nuances of English)

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you’ve come to the right place!
You know that something feels wrong in your interactions with others – maybe not with everyone, but with someone(s) – and you really want to change things for the better, but you just don’t know what to do, or how to do it to bring about a wanted change.
Look no further – it’s not hard when you are motivated and willing to change your thinking to make a positive difference in your life. Armed with the right knowledge and tools (tools are practiced applications of knowledge), you can:

  • Learn the very words that give power to our communication
  • Discern and communicate with others on their wavelength
  • Understand the prime motivations that drive all behavior
  • Utilize the hardwired brain responses that are automatic and unconscious for everyone
  • Learn to recognize and accurately read nonverbal body language – 93% of communication!
  • Build rapport quickly and genuinely – repair damaged rapport
  • Increase your confidence with others, boost your charisma, enjoy your life more fully

Component 1:

8 Modules of MASTER COMMUNICATION Method –

Module 1: LAWS OF HUMAN NATURE – Not always his fault! Understanding unconscious brain patterns that affect behavior
Module 2: PERSONALITY – Who is the person really? Basic traits grouped into easy types and how to work with them
Module 3: SENSORY PREFERENCES – What wavelength are YOU on? We all prefer one system over another, depending on context
Module 4: MOTIVATION TRAITS – WHY does she do that? Determining the why of behavior helps in communication
Module 5: IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT – Consistency of appearance counts! Rapport, which leads to trust, begins with dress, spacial positioning and other important choices.
Module 6: LIKABILITY – What do we have in common? From likability flows everything else, simply put: we like people who are like us. This module helps you become more likable, attractive (yes!), persuasive, influential.
Module 7: LANGUAGE – What did you say?? The distinct words and word patterns used can make all the (subconscious) difference
Module 8: BODY LANGUAGE– I can’t hear what you’re saying because your actions speak louder than your words! The major part – 93% – of communication is nonverbal

Total Value For These 8 Module Trainings: $800

Component 2:

2 Months of Group Coaching
Client-only Q&A Coaching Sessions:
4 per month x 2 months
+ 4 training calls per month x 2 months
= up to 16 training/coaching calls total program

Denise Martin will be personally supporting you during these sessions with your specific issues, resulting in strong reinforcement and retention of the new learnings into comfortable habits

Value of 2 Months of Q&A Coaching Sessions: $500


50 Great Communication Tips e-book

After you sign up, you will immediately receive your download

Here’s what happens when you register for The MASTER COMMUNICATION Method:

  • When you register for the program, you will receive an email containing the 50 TIPS to Enhance Your Communication bonus within 1 business day, plus a schedule of the upcoming teleclass program and the handouts for the first class.
  • Teleclasses are held on Thursdays, beginning the 1st Thursday of the month and run for 8 weeks. Classes last for 50 minutes and are jam packed, including handouts and homework assignments to reinforce the trainings.
  • Besides the modules, live client-only Q&A coaching sessions happen every Monday. You can attend as many of these optional calls as you need to get any support or handholding to implement The MASTER COMMUNICATION Method. Here’s where you can apply the new knowledge to your real life situation and receive support in applying the tools.

There is ZERO risk to try out the program!

Give yourself the opportunity to experience the unique Master Communication Method that will change the way you interact and communicate with people. Your life will be enriched because of it – you are guaranteed of it.

Total Value (when purchased separately):$1,300
Package Discount (purchased together): $700
1 payment

2-month payment plan:

Not a Paypal customer, or don’t want to be?
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Unconditional 3-month Satisfaction Guarantee.

If at any time during the 3 months of working with the program you aren’t satisfied, or the results are not worthwhile for you, request and receive a full no-hassle refund.

You have nothing to lose and a whole new level of great communication to gain!

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