YOU: Strong COMMUNICATION SKILLS for Success (yay!)

Ever have a relationship blow up due to a communication understanding?  Things just were taken the wrong way…

A big presentation coming giving you the jitters?  

Wish you had more confidence, that you were a bit more assertive?  

Oh, the frustration of finding out too late (if at all) that an opportunity was lost, simply due to a mis-communication.

We live in a fast paced world, with our communication accordingly rushed.  We think we don’t need to explain, we assume the person is clear on what we’re saying, we think we did explain things fully… 

Added to the communication problem is the fact that communication skills aren’t effectively taught in school or in life.  We learn them the hard way, incompletely, or not at all (disruptive personalities) which holds us back and hurts our happiness.

Communication skills can be taught and are easily learned.  Don’t wait to gain the skills that you need to insure your success.

  • Human Behavior Universals, as they are applied to communication – which may be to teach, to engage, to persuade
  • Understanding different Motivations for different situations, to get intended results
  • Using specific Words and Word Structures that optimize communication effectiveness



The program was interactive in engaging me, and it was fun, showing me that learning could happen very quickly. Your stories applied the concepts to real life. If you think you know all about the topic of communication, you’re going to learn even more.– Susan deGrandpre, President, Collaboration Consulting
You will want to take notes when Denise talks. I am an MD trained in sales and personality analysis and I learned at least 6 things I didn’t know. Each will make a difference in how to close sales with prospects. Very impressive!– Dike Drummond MD
I was surprised how much this training is chock full of strategies everyone can use. Denise knows a ton about how to read people, and now I know how to put specific strategies in action to help me customize my communication for any client’s personality. I’ve heard of some of this stuff before, but Denise really knows how to make it work in real life.– M. White